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The Alternative Soundtrack: February Playlist

February 1, 2015

Originally posted on The Alternative Soundtrack


The new year has brought bundles of great new music. Most of the songs I've selected for this month's playlists are fresh from the studios and from a selection of promising artists, emphasising a surge of support for lesser publicised music thanks to the ease of access offered by services such as Google Play Music (for which I'm a pretty big advocate).

I could have been caught up in the romanticism of this month (though, saying that, I might make a playlist especially of the best love songs of all time, which will give me an excuse to blast out a few more classics like Peter Gabriel), but instead I have found myself enjoying atmospheric vocals accompanied by more bass than usual. Perfect music for that little flurry of snow we had on Friday.

Lupe Fiasco's new album kicked off the style with some aggressive rapping, making me feel much cooler than I actually am. I've kept tabs on him since Superstar smashed the charts a decade or so ago, but this is the first full album of his I have thoroughly enjoyed. Blur My Hands is more toned down so works in this playlist, with Guy Sebastian providing the smooth R&Bs tones that holds the track together.

I've featured one of my favourite songs of all time this month, that being Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. It's one of those songs that has defined my taste, a song that got me attached emotionally to the music I listen to. Twenty-seven years old as a record, this song is older than me and still earns as much admiration as it used to.

New music wise, this playlist is brewing with potential. A exciting one for me personally is Nothing But Thieves, a band I am going to see live in July at the brilliant 2000Trees festival. Literally bought my Early Bird ticket before writing this and that was made an easier parting with my money when I saw the announcement that these guys were playing. At last year's 2000Trees, I was lucky enough to see Wolf Alice rock out a crowded tent with Blush and there were highlighted in my programme pre-weekend. This feature is aptly timed for NBT, as they have just released a new single, Ban All The Music, but I have selected an song from an earlier E.P. for that riff/vocals pitch contrast during the bridge pre-chorus. It's as sultry as Eva Green in anything ever,

And the artist of the month, the only to feature two songs, is Lapsley. Holly Fletcher, from the Liverpool area, released the Understudy E.P. on January 5 and has been heralded by critics and music lovers alike. You know what I was saying earlier about atmosphere and bass? Well, she brings it. The subtle, sporadic thump thump that consists of the bass in Station gives the tone of her voice even more of a piercing effect. Oh, and she's only 18. That's my age. Shit. Did I mention I'm pretty good at Football Manager? Her mastery and talent is immeasurable.

The Playlist

Falling Short Lapsley
Portrait 19 The Paper Kites
Old Faces Laura Doggett
Wrong Or Right Kwabs
Blush Wolf Alice
Feel Safe All We Are
See Me Tei Shi
Station Lapsley
I Know It's A Good Thing Shamir
Blur My Hands Lupe Fiasco (feat. Guy Sebastian)
Fast Car  Tracy Chapman
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel
Ghosts Ideyi
Graveyard Whistling Nothing But Thieves
On The Road Sunset Sons
News Freddie Dickson
Lyla The Districts
Don't Go Rae Morris
Wait M83
Morning RHODES
Smalls Hands Keaton Henson
In Winter Michael and the Atlas
Was There Nothing? Asgeir
Paper Sails Stu Larsen
Bones Dustin Tebbutt
Leaner Days Husky
Headlights Tor Miller
Want My Love Cathedrals

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